Setting up a New Project with AIT

The following documentation will teach you how to setup a new project to build off of the AMMOS Instrument Toolkit. This guide assumes that the project you’ll be developing is a Python-based project.

Add AIT Core as a Dependency

You’ll need to add AIT Core to either your requirements.txt file or your file.

If you use a requirements file for specifying dependencies:


If you use for specifying dependencies:

install_requires = [

Set AIT Config Values

AIT provides a large number of configuration parameters for customizing and configuring the toolkit. AIT ships with an example config.yaml skeleton located at /PROJECT_ROOT/data/config/config.yaml that you can use as a baseline configuration file. You should read the Configuration Introduction and the component specific configuration documents such as the Telemetry, Commanding, and EVR pages for additional information and update the files to meet your project’s specifications.